Research and Development

A dedicated team of research professionals work on the identification and development of the various products that are needed for by the customers. Continuous improvement and updation of the product is carried out on the basis of our customers’ feedback. We encourage customer feedbacks and review the same on a regular basis so as to ensure that our customers’ requirements are taken care of.


All the major activities like Research & Development, Quality Control, Quality Assurance, Documentation, Product Preparation, Product Filling and Packaging are carried out comfortably and efficiently. The manufacturing team comprises of skilled people with proven track record. The raw materials used in our manufacturing processes are sourced from reputed companies and are properly evaluated using stringent quality checks.

Quality Assurance

A dedicated team of professionals ensure that all the raw materials are tested as per the well established quality standards. Testing and acceptance norms at every stage of the manufacturing process are clearly well defined in our quality management system. The Q.A. department ensures the compliance of manufacturing to the quality management system established by the Company.

Supplier Management

We adhere to stringent supplier evaluation practices. High criterion are laid down for selection of new suppliers and supplier performance is monitored on a regular basis to ensure consistency in performance and quality of material supplied.

Packing and Shipping

The packaging for all our products is designed in a way to withstand all adverse transportation conditions. We commit and ensure timely and safe delivery of products irrespective of the quantity and destination. We have a packaging consultant in place to ensure that the packaging meets the relevant standards. Stringent Drop Tests at our plant assure safe and reliable packaging of all our products. Our packaging is scientifically designed to meet the norms and standards of different transport destinations. We adhere to all the standard packaging norms and the norms as prescribed by the difficult destinations.

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