EGY CHEM company with the brand name BIOMED is principally engaged in the design, manufacture, development, distribution and marketing of high value diagnostic products and services. The company provides accurate, timely, and cost-effective solutions for screening, diagnosing, monitoring and confirming diseases .

The company’s products received ISO 13485 certification and CE accreditation In addition, it also provides contract manufacturing services and custom services to its customers.

The Company is committed to achieving a leadership position within the markets in which we choose to operate, through steadily increasing our market share and providing our customers with a dedicated and professional service. our principal strength lies in the quality of our people. A team of highly trained specialists who thoroughly understand the detailed needs of our clients. People who put efficient customer service before everything else.The company’s manufacturing facility located at its state-of-the-art plant in EGYPT .

Its manufacturing facility received ISO-13485 certification . The company has its sales and marketing network spread across the world.

Our products line include Clinical chemistry, Rheumatology, Infectious diseases, Coagulation and Blood grouping reagents. They are sold in many countries worldwide .

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